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Patriot Outdoors specializes in premium lawn care and effective weed control.

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Experience Lawn Care That's Reliable.

Are you tired of unreliable and unresponsive lawn care services? At Patriot Outdoors, we set a new standard for customer service in the NW Oklahoma City Area. We offer regularly scheduled service days, a client portal for tracking, and a promise to communicate promptly. Choose us for a hassle-free, high-quality lawn care experience.

Professionalism in Every Detail

You value professionalism, and so do we. When Patriot Outdoors shows up, you can expect a team that's skilled, equipped with the right tools, and adhering to the highest standards. We maintain a level of professionalism that respects both your property and your time.

Consistent Quality You Can Rely On

You expect nothing less than exceptional quality, and that's precisely what we deliver. At Patriot Outdoors, we're so confident in the consistency and excellence of our services that we offer a Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. If you're unsatisfied, we will promptly return to address any concerns.

Convenient Billing for Your Needs

You want your lawn care experience to be as hassle-free as possible, including the payment process. That's why Patriot Outdoors offers convenient credit card billing. Your card is billed on the day of each service, streamlining the payment process and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Social Proof From Happy Customers

Mark and his team perform great work. Their attention to detail and respect for my property is refreshing. They are true lawn care professionals, not your overnight yard boy. Highly recommend!

Lawn mower in action in Oklahoma City, providing lawn care services, grass cutting, and lawn mowing service on a sunny day, ensuring a beautiful lawn and happy customers.

Your Lawn's Best Friend

Keeping your lawn neat is a chore no more! Our Mow & Hedge Trim package is designed to give your property the regular care it needs without the hassle.

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing: Our team uses commercial-grade mowers with sharp blades to ensure a clean, even cut. This service also includes string trimming for areas not reachable by the mower.
  • Monthly Hedge/Bush Trimming: Our experts will shape and trim your hedges and bushes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.
A front lawn and tree in Oklahoma City looking pristine after expert lawn mowing and tree trimming, showcasing a beautiful lawn and a fantastic job.

Elevate Your Lawn Care

For those who want a little extra, our Mowing Plus+ package includes everything in the Mow & Hedge Trim service plus your choice of one additional feature.

  • Monthly Flower Bed Maintenance: After an initial clean-up, we'll maintain your flower beds to keep them looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Weed Control & Fertilization Application: Our seasonal applications include early spring pre-emergent, late spring weed control, and multiple fertilizations to ensure a lush, weed-free lawn.
A well-maintained garden walkway in Oklahoma City, OK, indicative of quality lawn maintenance and lawn care, brought to you by excellent lawn care services.

The Ultimate Lawn Makeover

Why settle for less when you can have it all? Our full-service lawn care package is the complete solution for homeowners who want a pristine lawn without lifting a finger.

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing: Like in our mow & hedge trim package, we provide weekly mowing with commercial-grade equipment, ensuring your lawn always looks its best.
  • Monthly Hedge/Bush Trimming: Our skilled team will regularly trim and shape your hedges and bushes, contributing to a well-maintained and attractive landscape.
  • Weed Control & Fertilization: We offer a comprehensive weed control and fertilization program with multiple seasonal applications. This ensures your lawn stays lush, green, and free from unwanted weeds.
  • Flowerbed Maintenance: We care for your flowerbeds with meticulous attention to detail, removing weeds and encouraging healthy growth to ensure a vibrant and colorful display. We offer both mulching and seasonal plantings to rejuvenate your garden's appearance.

🌸 Premium Service Add-Ons

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Transform your lawn into a year-round paradise with our premium service add-ons. These specialized services complement our standard lawn care packages, ensuring your outdoor space remains vibrant and well-maintained throughout the year.

Spring & Fall Flowerbed Rehab

Breathe new life into your flowerbeds each spring and fall. Our team will visit your property to install seasonally appropriate flowers and lay down premium cedar mulch. This enhances the beauty of your garden and helps in soil moisture retention and weed control. This service is best combined with our monthly flowerbed maintenance to keep your beds looking good all year round.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Options

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your lawn. We offer two tailored options to manage fallen leaves:

  • Leaf Clean-Up: Scheduled typically for the second week of December, this service includes one major leaf cleanup to remove most fallen leaves from your property.
  • Leaf Maintenance: For ongoing care, this service is scheduled around major holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as in late January. It includes regular leaf maintenance throughout the fall and winter to keep your lawn looking its best.
A beautiful flower bed in Oklahoma City displaying various colors, thanks to top-notch lawn care services and wonderful job by lawn care companies.
Sod installation.Overseeding in progress.

🌿 Lawn Creation

Transform your lawn!

Dreaming of a lush, vibrant lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood? Our comprehensive lawn creation services, incorporating professional sod installation and meticulous overseeding, can transform your yard into a beautiful oasis.

Sod Installation

A patchy, uneven lawn can detract from the beauty of your home and become a source of frustration. Growing grass from seed can be an uncertain and time-consuming process, often requiring months before you see a full, lush lawn.

Our professional sod installation service transforms your lawn quickly and effectively, offering you an instantly beautiful and lush green landscape. With our expert team, high-quality sod, and efficient installation process, you can skip the uncertainty and prolonged efforts of seeding. Enjoy a full, vibrant lawn ready for family activities and outdoor enjoyment in just a matter of days.


Even with the best sod, lawns can become thin, patchy, or worn over time due to environmental stressors, heavy foot traffic, or natural aging. This can leave your once vibrant lawn looking lackluster and unhealthy.

By carefully selecting and planting high-quality seeds over your existing lawn, we can fill in bare spots, improve the density and color of your lawn, and enhance its resistance to pests and diseases. Our overseeding process is designed to work in tandem with our sod installation or as a stand-alone service to ensure your lawn remains a lush, green oasis year-round.

Your Trusted Lawn Care Experts

Precision Equipment

You don't want a commercial-grade behemoth tearing up your lawn. We get it. That's why we use specialized equipment designed specifically for residential lawns like yours. From hedge trimming to mowing, our tools are tailored to preserve the beauty and health of your outdoor space.

Pay Only for What You Need

You've worked hard for your money, so why pay for lawn care when your grass doesn't even need cutting? With us, you're not locked into any year-long contracts. You pay for the services you need when you need them. It's that simple.

Your Security is Our Priority

You value your home's security, and so do we. Rest assured, our team is trained to lock gates after completing our services. It's a non-negotiable part of our process, ensuring that your property remains as secure as when we arrived. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Patriot Outdoors is the BEST. Great at communication, excellent lawn care, and customer service oriented. I've used them for several years, and I’m never disappointed.


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